Watch out for ‘books appearing in unexpected nooks’

7 November 2016

The City is launching ‘pop-up’ libraries with dozens of locations to benefit from the innovative program.

“Books normally live on shelves but this program is setting them free in parks, at retirement villages, at food and music events and even at the beach,’’ said Mayor Tom Tate.

“The locations remain a mystery for now, but our library staff are working behind the scenes to plot out their pop-up library schedule.

“It is all about taking libraries to the people. I’m all for frontline services so this pop-up library program is value-for-money and a lot of fun at the same time.’’

A pop-up library may ‘pop up’ at a toddlers’ playgroup date as an early literacy centre - complete with picture books, puppet storytelling and early literacy support for parents and carers. Other venues include Gold Coast retirement villages, serving as a digital literacy help station with e-book advice, basic IT help and social media tips.

Even the City’s popular music festivals are on the radar - with a pop-up library doubling as a chill-out zone for participants.

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Watch out for ‘books appearing in unexpected nooks’ photo