31 March 2017


Queensland Police are currently door knocking a key area in the north of our city.

They are requesting people to evacuate the following areas:

Quinns Hill Road East;

Rossmans Road;

Wohlsen Road;

Zipfs Road;

Bruckner Road;

Cooks Road;

Rotary Park Road


If you are in these areas, we strongly suggest you evacuate to higher ground. Flood waters may be in this area inside the next three hours.

The exit roads are: Burnside Road; Eggersdorf Road and Mirambeena Drive.

Police are assessing how wide the flood impact may be. As such, residents in these areas should also consider evacuating.

Cowley Road;

Finglas Road;

Goldmine Road;

Creek Street;

Minka Lane. 

If you live in these streets or adjacent roads, consider evacuating.


Go to family or friends out of the area or to the Ormeau Library, 3 Cuthbert Drive, where we have set up an evacuation centre.

Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.