Surf network surges into Miami

30 October 2019

Australia’s largest and fastest publicly owned Wi-Fi network just got bigger, with the Surf network rolling into Miami along the beachfront from Thorn Park to the headland.

Users will be connected to speeds close to 30mbs, fast enough to watch two Netflix movies simultaneously, depending on the users distance from a Wi-Fi device. 

More than 2.1 million locals and visitors have used the network since its launch prior to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Mayor Tom Tate said the City’s $10 million investment in a high-speed fibre optic network has made the Surf Network a reality for the Gold Coast.

“Precincts within Southport, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Coolangatta were connected to the Surf Network in early 2018 and we expanded the network to Chevron Island in July this year.

“Miami is now switched on and the next stop is Burleigh.

“Our commitment to expanding the network across the Gold Coast is just one way we’re achieving our vision to be Australia’s leading digital city and delivering the fastest internet in Australia by 2021,” said Mayor Tate.

Fast facts about Surf Network:

  • The Surf Network is Australia’s biggest (geographical) and fastest publically-owned Wi-Fi network. 
  • More than 6000 locals and visitors are utilising the Surf Network daily, with numbers increasing as more locations are switched on. 
  • Miami is the latest location to be switched-on with future locations to be added in 2020.
  • Residents and visitors have access to 4GB of free data per day, reaching speeds close to 30mbs dependant on user distance to a Wi-Fi device.
  • The Surf Network does not require personal logins and doesn’t have a minimum session or timeout. 
  • The City does not collect or store any personal information from the Surf Network service.

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Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.