Smiling speed signs slowing us down

22 August 2016

The City will install another 24 speed awareness devices as part of its ongoing contribution to road safety.

Mayor Tom Tate made the announcement as part of Queensland Road Safety Week which runs from 22 to 28 August. Each day has a different theme and tomorrow’s (23 August) theme is speeding.

Cr Tate said due to the outstanding success of the devices already in place, he will commit to the additional devices being in place by 30 June 2017.

“Speeding is a major factor in serious and fatal injury crashes on the Gold Coast,” he said.

The City responded by installing portable speed awareness devices on streets where speeding is an issue.

“More than half of motorists were speeding at these locations prior to a device being installed. With the devices in place, we now have that number down to about 10 per cent.”

The City has rotated 15 speed awareness cameras across 35 priority locations since the program was launched in August 2015.

This was in response to 33 per cent of traffic fatalities involving excessive speed as a contributing factor.

The signs display a smiling face or a reminder to slow down and are regularly rotated around roads experiencing speed issues.

“The additional speed awareness devices will increase our number deployed to 39, which is an increase of road coverage by 160 per cent,” Cr Tate said.

Queensland Road Safety Week is a Queensland Government initiative, delivered in partnership by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service.

Mayor Tom Tate urged all road users to support the week and ‘Join the Drive to Save Lives.’

“This initiative is a great complement to our Road Safety Plan, which aims to deliver a safer transport system for the city,” he said.






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