SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE - Wednesday 24 March - 6.45am

24 March 2021


The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled all severe weather warnings for the Gold Coast.

A Flood Watch remains in place for the Logan and Albert Rivers and Gold Coast rivers and Creeks

The City has cancelled the Watch and Act alert for the Northern Gold Coast but we continue to monitor the situation closely.


We remind people to continue to take extra care on the roads. There’s potentially debris around impacted areas, as well as some potholes.

Please also be patient as our clean-up crews undertake repairs to ensure those areas are safe before reopening the roads to traffic.


We also expect to see debris in the waterways and on our beaches so please take care. Water quality may also be impacted


Our three sandbagging stations will open at 7am. 11,220 sandbags have been collected from the three stations since Sunday.


Beaches will be closed today due to  dangerous inshore conditions.

Waste and Recycling Centres

Waste and recycling centres are open as usual today.


Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.