S.A.M Jet protects city coastline and keep staff safe

28 July 2016

The City has an extra weapon in its extensive arsenal aimed at protecting our coastline – the S.A.M Jet.

The customised Sand Activity Monitoring Jet Ski is equipped with the latest technology in GPS and sonar devices allowing the collection of hydrographic survey data through the wave zone.

Mayor Tom Tate, who today took “Sam” for a spin, said it allowed the City to capture 30 per cent more data compared to previous methods, creating a more accurate record of sand movement along the coast.

“Traditionally, this data was collected by three officers physically walking and swimming through the surf zone with an extended survey pole,” Cr Tate said.

“The S.A.M Jet is safer and more efficient and allows us to capture more information within short, limited weather windows.

“I’m sure our hydrographic surveyors, who have been using S.A.M for several months, are grateful to stay dry and get their work done.’’

Cr Tate said the City’s sand monitoring program was an integral part of the Ocean Beaches Strategy and ensured beaches were maintained and the coastline protected.

“We are committed to ensuring our world-renowned beaches remain clean, healthy, safe and accessible so everyone can enjoy their own beach experience.”

In the recently adopted City Budget, Council committed $32 million towards protecting and maintaining our beaches and waterways.


S.A.M Jet protects city coastline and keep staff safe photo