Road upgrades to ease congestion and support active travel

14 January 2016

Northern Gold Coast residents are set to benefit from two major road upgrades.

The $2.4 million upgrade of Santa Barbara Road, from the Hope Island Road roundabout to the Hope Island Resort roundabout, will improve a congestion hot spot and provide shared pathways for cyclists and pedestrians.

A little further south, the $4.5 million Helensvale Road project will boast widened travel lanes; eight newly constructed bus stops and refurbished roundabouts to accommodate on-road cycle lanes and off-road pathways.

Mayor Tom Tate inspected both projects today, describing them as prime examples of the deliverables of the Transport Strategy 2013 - 2031.

“Our transport vision is about delivering transport infrastructure to a city that enjoys smart growth and makes sustainable travel choices,” he said.

“Both projects are part of our $83.6 million commitment to road upgrades and maintenance this year, ensuring we support our growing city with the infrastructure it needs.”

 “The Santa Barbara Road upgrade provides better pedestrian facilities, improved on and off-road cycle facilities and enhanced traffic flow onto Hope Island Road roundabout with the addition of a left turn lane. Overall, it delivers increased safety and time savings for road users.”

 “The public has asked for more active travel infrastructure so in this case, we’ve responded by installing formal shared off-road paths on both sides and marked bike lanes on the road. And with the existing pavement close to the end of its life, the pavement has been renewed and widened.”

 Division 3 Councillor Cameron Caldwell said the infrastructure was very welcome considering the growing population in Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove and surrounding areas.

“These upgrades, combined with new street lighting, will provide safer mobility for the public when travelling along Santa Barbara Road,” he said.

“The key component in easing congestion is the additional lane to allow traffic to exit the busy precinct. This is a notorious bottleneck because it is the only road in and out of Santa Barbara and Sanctuary Cove.” 

For more information, visit the City of Gold Coast Transport Strategy 2031.

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