Residents can shape 2019-2020 City budget

1 February 2019

Roads, traffic and protecting our city’s green space are priorities for Mayor Tom Tate as the city faces record population growth over the next decade.

“We need to continue to protect the lifestyle of our city and that means making smart decisions today, for tomorrow’s generation,’’ he said.

“In the last two financial years, we have invested around $100 million annually on road maintenance and new roads. We need to match that in 2019-2020. We also need to continue to invest in active travel solutions such as cycle ways, as well as improving our public transport systems.’’

Mayor Tate is calling on Gold Coasters to help shape the $1.5 billion 2019-2020 City Budget.

“Every survey response helps shape the budget. Last year, we had 1044 responses with residents wanting council to focus on park amenities such as shade sails as well as traffic congestion and parking. These comments play a vital role in informing all councillors of what people see as their priorities.’’

In response to the 2018-19 budget survey, council has this year invested $200,000 in better shade cover for our parks (including shade sails and tree planting); $95 million (to date) on road improvements including road reconstruction, reseals, major road upgrades, active travel assets and traffic technology.

The survey is on-line which allows council to easily collate the data as it prepares to bring down the 2019-2020 budget in June.

“For the past seven years, Council has kept rate increases to record lows,’’ he said.

“I aim to do the same next financial year but I need your support.’’

The on-line survey is at: It closes on 15 March.

Hard copies are available at City of Gold Coast Customer Contact Centres and City Libraries.

Mayor Tate will also hold Community Listening Posts across the coast.

For Listening Posts details, go to

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