Record transport spend planned for 2019-2020

26 April 2019

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is planning a record investment in transport for the 2019-2020 financial year, with a suite of projects being considered.

The Mayor, as chair of the budget, will receive a briefing on these proposed projects on Monday.

“Media reports that we need a further $36 million invested in our roads is well under-cooked. We will be spending a lot more than that. I don’t have a final figure yet as we need to go through the special budget meetings (with all councillors) but I can confirm it will be a record spend in 2019-2020.’’

Mayor Tate said councillors did not need to “lobby’’ for additional spending – they only need to pick up the phone.

“I meet with any councillor to discuss funding requests, not only on roads, but any issue. That has been the case for seven years and in those seven years, we have delivered record low rate increases.

“Any councillor proposing a $36 million increase in our 2019-2020 roads budget is actually suggesting a decrease as the draft budget will be proposing substantially more funds for all transport projects.”

The Mayor said the recent city-wide annual budget survey conducted by Council attracted around 2000 responses. The overwhelming commentary focused on roads, traffic and public transport.

“These are the voices of residents and I listen to their opinions, as well as councillors,’’ he said.

“We will continue to invest in smart traffic solutions: creating slipways, widening roads where needed, improved roundabouts, a ferry service trial, additional car parking, greater investment in active-travel solutions, and further funding for public transport which remains a State government program.’’

Deputy Mayor Gates said she was delighted that a key focus of the 2019-2020 transport increase was in the northern growth area.

“I’m advised the north will be given a real kick-along, which is what I have been pushing for. Of course, every project still needs to be approved through the special budget rounds,’’ she said.

“As the city races towards one million people, the State needs to seriously look at better public transport options so people start to use it more.’’

Cr Gates said the City will continue to invest millions on active transport options including improving our cycle ways and footpaths (*Note: the Active Transport budget in 2018-19 is $8.2million).

“A short walk or cycle, if convenient, is one less car on the road. It all adds up,’’ she said.

The 2019-2020 budget will be delivered on 13 June. The current budget allocated around $100 million towards transport infrastructure.

Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.