Popular lake focus of water quality trial

10 December 2018

The City will trial an all-natural product in its bid to free Lake Hugh Muntz of algae blooms.

Deputy Mayor Donna Gates was joined by Division 10 Councillor Paul Taylor who said the lake would be closed from 10-17 December, as part of the trial.

“This is an ecological product (Phoslock) that has been used in hundreds of lakes around the world including Australia,’’ Deputy Mayor Gates said.

“There is no guarantee it will work but we are committed to trying to improve the long-term water quality at Lake Hugh Muntz.’’

Deputy Mayor Gates said the trial was part of a $100,000 investment to improve water quality.

The lake’s water quality has been impacted from an increase in nutrient-rich run-off from surrounding properties as well as warmer weather.

“This creates the perfect environment for algae growth,’’ said Cr Taylor.

The City has partnered with Griffith University to provide specialist advice.

The $97,000 trial will determine the performance of the product and better inform options for long-term lake management.

Around 36 tonnes will be sprayed on to the surface, settling in the lake. Water from the lake will be drawn into the spray system to dilute the product.

Cr Taylor said all residents and businesses in the area had a role to play.

“The lake is actually a stormwater catchment for the 16 drains that flow into the water body, feeding road grime, fertilisers and oil straight into the lake,’’ he said.

“Everyone has a responsibility and I encourage residents to be aware of fertiliser use, washing cars, disposing of animal droppings and any item entering the stormwater system.’’

Phoslock® was developed by the CSIRO in the 1990s and is certified as safe for humans, animals and the environment.

The solution works to bind the nutrients which the blue-green algae require to grow.

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Popular lake focus of water quality trial photo