Plan your commute during the GC600

13 October 2016

Commuters are being urged to adapt their travel before and during the Supercars Castrol Edge Gold Coast 600 (GC600).

Chair of City Infrastructure, Dawn Crichlow, said commuters, especially those using the Gold Coast Highway, needed to plan ahead to make their journey easier.

While the event doesn’t start until Friday 21 October, we know from previous years the most significant traffic delays are expected on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 October, when the Gold Coast Highway near Macintosh Island is reduced from six to two lanes. Main Beach Parade will also be closed from Monday 17 October to Monday 24 October,” she said.

Other streets affected include Tedder Avenue, Breaker Street, Serisier Avenue, Rankin Parade, Pacific Street, Aloha Lane, Cronin Avenue in Main Beach and Ferny Avenue, Ocean Avenue, and The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise.

“The Supercars organisers make sure impacted local residents and businesses are informed of the road and parking changes that form part of the GC 600 each year.  But the City also wants to ensure that we do everything possible to more broadly alert residents and visitors to the impacts of the event, to enable them to plan ahead,” said Cr Crichlow.

To keep the city moving during this busy time, it is important to know which roads are likely to be affected and how residents and visitors can manage the changes in the best way possible.”

The City of Gold Coast is encouraging commuters and regular travellers along the Gold Coast Highway between Surfers Paradise and Main Beach to:

  • Retime your journey and if possible, travel before 8am and after 6pm.
  • Reroute by trying a different way and avoiding the affected areas.
  • Remode your journey by leaving the car at home.  Try walking, cycling or catch the G:link, it could be quicker for local trips.
  • Reduce time spent travelling by working from home or another location during this time.

Local business Main Beach Travel has already implemented flexible travel options at its workplace so when major events like GC600 occur, it causes minimal disruption to their business, staff and clients.

Director of Main Beach Travel, Mandy Dwyer said with the office located close to the GC600 event precinct, she has been able to prepare for road changes through flexible work arrangements.

“Our staff have the option to work from home during the event so there is no need to travel and the service to our clients is not affected. We also encourage staff to walk or cycle and use our onsite shower facilities.”

The GC600 runs from Friday 21 October to Sunday 23 October. For more travel planning tips during GC600 construction visit

For more information on how the City can support your business travel needs and how other businesses prepare for travel changes during events visit

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