Pioneering family honoured at new HOTA venue

22 March 2018

One of the city’s true pioneering families has been recognised in a touching ceremony at HOTA (Home of the Arts) today.

Mayor Tom Tate joined with the Hicks family to unveil a tribute at the new HOTA amphitheatre in Evandale.

“The Hicks family arrived here in the 1920s and played a role in supporting service groups including the Country Women’s Association and Rotary,’’ said Mayor Tate.

“The family worked to build the road from the coast, up to Springbrook, utilising horse-drawn equipment. This road opened up the hinterland to many new families.

“Importantly, the family also donated a portion of land to the city.

“This later became a carpark and the intention was always that the open space gifted by the Hicks’ family would be retained. That is the case today with an elevated park forming a section of the facility known as Bruce Bishop Carpark. Any new development on that site must also retain that amount of public open space.’’

Mayor Tate said the development of the cultural precinct at Evandale had created an additional 1.7 hectares of open space, within the Surfers Paradise precinct.

“What was once the old Council administration area is now part of HOTA so the precinct of Surfers has even more open space for millions to enjoy,’’ he said.

“Given the Hicks family contribution all those years ago, it is fitting to name the walking trail at HOTA in their honour.’

Pioneering family honoured at new HOTA venue photo