Out of the Box accelerates local talent

16 June 2016

A growing ambition in the Gold Coast arts sector is leading to a boon in opportunities for artists looking to hone their professional experience.

One opportunity was awarded to two local artists, Meredith Elton and Nadia Sunde, who have spent nearly three months learning new skills through a professional development opportunity with Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC’s) Out of the Box festival for children eight years and under.

Our Producer Professional Development Program allows artists to accelerate the development of their professional skills. They then bring this new experience, networks and skills back to the Gold Coast.

Nadia Sunde, music educator and performing artist, said the hands-on experience with senior festival producers to deliver creative projects for children eight years and under was invaluable.

“Creating cultural experiences for children and their families has long been at the heart of my artistic practice. Broadening my production skills, cultural networks and frameworks through this intense and glorious hands-on experience is like winning the jackpot for me," Ms Sunde said.

Meredith Elton, a creative producer and performance artist, said she was looking forward to some intensive work over the next three weeks as the festival planning stage neared completion.

“The festival office is like a spaceship entering warp drive.  I am looking forward to getting some kids on board to see what they make of it all,’’ Ms Elton said

Out of the Box Festival Director, Brett Howe, said as the state performing arts centre, QPAC had an integral role to play in the development of creatives and producers across Queensland.

“This professional development initiative with the City of Gold Coast provides a great opportunity for us to open up connections with regional areas of Queensland. Having Meredith and Nadia join our busy team is of great mutual benefit,’’ he said.

“The delivery of an eight-day children’s arts festival comprising seven different performance productions, 18 workshops and 20 free activities, including 10 exhibitions, involves many months of extensive planning by a team with a depth of experience from programing to logistics. To add to the complexity, the festival features 18 new commissions and 17 world premieres which have to be built from the ground up, compared to programming existing shows and activities.

“This opportunity for Meredith and Nadia not only develops their skills in a diverse range of programming but allows them to contribute to Out of the Box as they share their ideas, experience and practice with producers, children and the community. This experience will be relevant for many large scale events on the Gold Coast.”

QPAC’s Out of the Box is a biennial festival focusing on the creative and cultural lives of children. It is a signature event at QPAC with national and international significance. In 2014, more than 100,000 people engaged in the festival activities.

Out of the Box runs 21 to 28 June 2016 at QPAC, and across the Cultural Precinct and Southbank, Brisbane.

Out of the Box accelerates local talent photo