New skate park features first ‘granite bowl’ for our City

2 November 2017

Gold Coast skateboarders face a new challenge with the City’s latest skate park featuring a tough obstacle – the ‘granite bowl’.

It is the first time a City park has had the bowl included in its design. The bowl, which almost looks like a swimming pool, is two metres in depth to make those who ride it go smoother and faster.

“I’m challenging the local Councillor (Cameron Caldwell) to be the first to ride the bowl,’’ said Mayor Tom Tate at the park opening.

“Investment in facilities like this new park is an investment in safety, enjoyment, family fun and a way for local skaters to hone their skills as they compete or simply enjoy the sport.

“I’m delighted the park includes temporary CCTV cameras to give parents, and skaters, comfort knowing that the facility is under the watchful eye of our expanding CCTV network.’’

The $560,000 skate park supports the northern Gold Coast, recently named one of the fastest growing areas in Australia.

“This is for today’s, and tomorrow’s generations,” said Cr Caldwell.

“Investing in facilities like skate parks is a fantastic way to foster an active and healthy community, build friendships and make memories.

“With the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre around the corner, we are building our reputation as a sporting hub.”

The skate and scooter park includes hubba ledges, rails, banks, hips and the granite edged bowl.

Young Gold Coaster and three-time champion scooter Jesse Bayes said building facilities in our local parks was a great way for our younger generations to get active and healthy.

“Having a skate park in the community, especially a new one helps bring people from all over the coast to a great area for kids to share a similar interest,” he said.

The City has installed a temporary CCTV camera that tests angles before permanent cameras are put in place.  

New skate park features first ‘granite bowl’ for our City photo