New road surveying technology to improve public safety

12 June 2020

Gold Coast residents may notice unique camera-wielding buggies scaling City footpaths as part of a new pavement assessment technology the City has adopted.

The specialised camera technology is designed to obtain detailed video imaging to help prioritise roads and footpaths that require maintenance.

Mayor Tom Tate said the City continues to invest in innovative technology to improve public safety.

“We have engaged a consultant with special road pavement survey vehicles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV buggies) to conduct a City-wide assessment of more than 5000 kilometres of roads and footpaths,” he said.

“This technology is far more advanced that previously used and is the first time ATV buggies will be rolled out as part of the process.

“Previously, the process was to walk the entire 1880 kilometres of footpath to assess the pavement’s condition, so the ATV buggies will be well received.

“Each segment of footpath and road pavement is driven once, minimising disruption to road users and pedestrians.

“The data and information collected through this process enables us to prioritise roads for renewal and maintenance, ultimately improving public safety.” 

ATV buggies are clearly identifiable and are driven by certified operators using hazard lighting.

The cameras are focused on the pavement to ensure the data is compliant with privacy requirements. The data and imagery collected will only be used for asset management purposes.

The vehicles will conduct assessments on 3230 kilometres of road network and 1880 kilometres of footpaths and shared pathways up until September this year, weather dependent.

Gold Coast roads are some of the most reliable in the country with 93 per cent in very good to good condition, compared to the national average of which 66 per cent are in very good to good condition.

The City conducts a whole of road and footpath network condition assessment in accordance with Austroads standards once every 3 years.

New road surveying technology to improve public safety photo