New conditions for Waste & Recycling Centres due to Covid19

8 April 2020


********************PLEASE NOTE THE BELOW RESTRICTIONS AT OUR WRC'S NO LONGER APPLY********************************** 


New restrictions will be enforced at all City of Gold Coast Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs) from this Saturday (11 April).

Mayor Tom Tate said the measures had been imposed as a result of major issues caused by the Covid19 crisis, in particular excessive customers and aggression towards WRC staff.

“Despite repeated requests by the Mayor, Premier and Prime Minister imploring residents to stay at home and only go out for essential services, our WRCs have been overwhelmed with customers.

“This is placing the health and safety of City staff and customers at elevated risk of Covid19,” he said.

“We will be introducing a number of measures in an effort to keep our staff and residents safe - and if these measures are not adhered to, we may have no choice but to close some of the centres.”

The following measures will come into effect from opening time on Saturday 11 April.

  1. Visitors to the Molendinar and Reedy Creek WRCs will be limited to commercial and small business customers between the hours of 7am - 9am daily. This is to minimise the impact of increased residential use on small businesses.  Any customer who enters the facilities during these times will pay associated fees and State Government Waste Disposal Levy charges.

       2.To minimise delays, residential green waste will only be accepted at WRCs with “green waste drop and go” which includes Coomera, Molendinar, Merrimac and Reedy Creek.

  1. To minimise congestion, vehicles will be limited to “odd and even” dates matching the first number of their vehicle registration number

          On Saturday 11 April (an odd number), vehicles with an odd first number on their registration will be permitted entry.  On Sunday 12 April (an even number), vehicles with an even first number on their registration will be permitted entry.            All vehicles with personalised plates will be treated as odd numbers.

  1. No e-waste is being accepted at any WRCs at this time.

Residential customers are strongly advised to restrict their visits to WRCs for essential waste services only. This includes:

  • Disposing of hazardous waste that may be no longer safe to store at home including: car tyres, car batteries, paint, pool chemicals, bleach, gas bottles and herbicides.
  • Disposal of waste that could create a health concern e.g. putrescible household waste.

        Eligible residents are encouraged to make use of the City’s free on demand bulky kerbside collection service and/or consider taking up our green waste bin service to avoid delays at a WRC.

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New conditions for Waste & Recycling Centres due to Covid19  photo