New citizens celebrate on special day

17 September 2020

Mayor Tom Tate has sworn in 25 new citizens today, as part of the City’s first Australian Citizenship Ceremony to take place since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today marks Australian Citizenship Day – the national day for all Australians to reflect on the meaning and importance of Australian citizenship; and the responsibilities and privileges we have as citizens.

Mayor Tate said becoming an Australian citizen was one of the proudest and most memorable moments of his life.

“Our citizenship is the common bond that unites us all. We all share the responsibility for contributing to the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy in Australia.

“And because our city is young and perfectly suited to building a new life, the Gold Coast is one of the country’s most adaptable and welcoming communities,” he said.

“With a quarter of Gold Coast residents born overseas, our community is richly diverse which makes our city an inspiring place to live.

"I wish our new citizens well as they continue to create a new life for themselves in this beautiful city.”

Dr Heather Russell, her husband Peter and their two teenage children Euan and Craig, from Glasgow, Scotland, became citizens today. They have called the Gold Coast home for the past eight years.

“We love the lifestyle here,” said Heather. “The quality of life and Australia’s natural beauty make it the ideal place to raise a family.”

In February this year more than 3,000 people were made Australian citizens at a mega ceremony at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre. 


New citizens celebrate on special day photo