Mosquito control

31 March 2017


City of Gold Coast’s pest management team will monitor known breeding locations in coming days with a focus on areas subject to tidal inundation.

It can take 1-2 weeks after inundation for the impact of breeding to impact and we will closely monitor this and take appropriate action as required.

How can you help?

City of Gold Coast suggests the following to lessen the harmful effects of mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate breeding by disposing of all tins, jars, tyres, discarded ice-cream containers and other water holding receptacles.

  • Empty all flower vases, pot plants and other containers, which hold water at least once a week.

  • Ensure gutters are kept free of leaves and that they drain freely, leaving no pools of water in low points.

  • Screen all openings to tanks, wells or other large water containers with wire gauze not coarser than one (1) millimetre aperture mesh.

  • Apply kerosene to unscreened water tanks or other collections of water which cannot otherwise be effectively treated; the amount to add depends on the size of the container, but should be a cupful for normal sized tanks.

  • Ensure that leach drains from septic tanks are completely covered and tank lids are free of cracks and the concrete bung is properly sealed; make sure that the vent pipe is covered with a mosquito-proof cowl or screen.

  • Keep fish ponds and ornamental ponds stocked with either goldfish or native freshwater fish; native fish can be supplied by contacting the City's Pest Management Unit.

  • Fill in water holding cavities in tree hollows, depressions and holes in the yard with soil.

  • Put sand around the bases of pot plants to absorb water in the dish or, with outdoor plants, discard the bases altogether.

  • Empty bird baths and pets drinking water containers at least once a week.

  • Keep swimming pools well chlorinated.

  • Keep all open drains and channels free from obstruction especially weeds and grass.

  • Inspect your house, yard, workplace, school, and immediate neighbourhood for accumulated water.

For more information about the City’s mosquito program visit:


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