Mayor says recycled water can turn the Spit into ‘central park’

10 February 2017


Mayor Tom Tate has today detailed plans to ensure the “natural beauty of the Spit is not only saved but enhanced’’ through the clever use of recycled water.

“Every day, megalitres of treated water is pumped out through the seaway, a valuable resource lost forever to our city,’’ he said.

“I want to treat that water to Class A and then have it redirected so volunteer groups have it at hand to enhance the Spit, the Federation Walk precinct and the grassed areas so this area becomes a true central park for our residents and millions of visitors. This is value-for-money engineering at its best and I put forward that plan today.’’

Mayor Tate said the protected area north of Seaworld Nara Resort could be divided into conservation-care precincts so a range of volunteer groups can “work their magic’’.

“One group may want to look after the grassed recreation area, while others may want to care for the seaway wall area, cleaning up disused fishing line and rubbish,’’ he said.

“We have seen the great work Federation Walk volunteers do out there. Let’s enhance this and invite other volunteer groups to get on board.’’

Mayor Tate has labelled the plan a Line-in-the-Sand.

"This line is where everything north of the line is preserved forever as protected open space. Not just the type of open space left in the disarray it is today. Open space where the natural assets are preserved, where better toilet and visitor facilities are installed, where the good work of volunteers is enhanced, and where Gold Coasters feel proud to take their visiting friends and relatives. Today, it is a disgrace.

"At the same time, I don't want it to be turned in to a Brisbane-style South Bank. It should be kept as close to nature as possible but not with illegal campers and vagrants using it as a dump.

"Our water business today pumps billions of litres of treated water annually out to sea right at the seaway. That's a lost resource. I plan improving that water to Class A and using it to green and nourish the Spit area so it is a living, green and lush parcel of land.

"South of the line, any commercial land existing now should be given the go ahead. That includes the proposed ASF, Mariners Cove and Sheraton improvements. Part of their conditions can be to create a single traffic solution for that area south of The Line. Make them work together, at no cost to ratepayers.

"I'm confident the consortia would fund a light rail spur, road and bridge upgrades - at zero cost to ratepayers. In the open space area north of The Line, we can investigate water taxi drop offs so locals and visitors can water taxi from Broadwater or main beach and enjoy a day at the Spit.

"It's all there and today I announce what I believe will end the debate about The Spit and find a solution that satisfies all parties."

Mayor says recycled water can turn the Spit into ‘central park’ photo