Mayor plans review of Public Art Policy

24 March 2018

Mayor Tom Tate has today announced plans for a widespread review of the Public Art Policy - and changes to the selection panel.

It comes after strong community criticism of the northern gateway public art, with many people commenting the artwork is difficult to view.

“I will ask Full Council to approve a widespread review,”he said.

“My plan is to ensure better community representation on the selection panel. This may include a community member, a Councillor, a Junior Mayor or someone from the volunteering sector. I am open to suggestions but we need to get wider representation.

“I accept art is subjective and while there is nothing wrong with the final artwork chosen for the northern gateways, its location is what is being questioned. Put simply, people are struggling to see it from the angle needed to understand its intention and message.”

Mayor Tate said there was no current plan to move that artwork - and relocation costs would need to be considered.

“For now, it is staying there but I want to see more community voices on future selection panels.”

Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.