Main Beach light rail - have your say

3 April 2017


Main Beach businesses and residents could significantly benefit from a spur line off the light rail network – linking visitors and tourists through a modern public transport connection.

Mayor Tom Tate said wherever light rail goes, prosperity follows.

“Light rail has brought new life and new investment along the entire first stage.  Now, it’s Main Beach’s turn,” he said.

The proposal is at no cost to ratepayers with any rail extension costs to be met by proponents looking at developments in the light rail area.

Two main route options for the 2.6km track are being considered, with one through the restaurant precinct of Tedder Avenue and the other along the Broadwater.

All options have stops near Southport Yacht Club, Marina Mirage and Palazzo Versace with the line ending at Sea World.

“The line is quite short so a single track with passing loops is possible. That means much less impact on the road network and a lower cost to build,’’ he said.

“With trams every 15 minutes, this spur line would be a shot in the arm for businesses in the area.”

Cr Tate said depending on what option was selected, high level estimates indicate a budget of about $200 million would be needed to fund the extension.

Under the plan, some trams operating on the main line from Broadbeach South would divert to the Spit spur line. 

This could be done by increasing frequencies on the main line, not by diverting existing trams away from the Helensvale terminus.    

The route options are in early planning and the Gold Coast community is invited to have its say on the proposals. Delivery of the project would be determined by more detailed planning.

The City Transport Strategy 2031, released in 2013, identified a light rail line between Main Beach and The Spit as part of its light rail master plan. 

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