Gold Coast seeks partnership with Phuket to boost recreational dive industry

11 September 2018

The Gold Coast’s recreational dive industry will benefit from a formal signing in Phuket, Thailand, last night.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and Vice Governor Prakob Wongmaneerung signed the first documents to start work on a formal Sister Cities relationship between the coast and Phuket.

“Phuket has a very well established recreational dive industry and we want to capitalise on that,” said Mayor Tate.

“Sister Cities can take up to three years to finalise and our artificial dive precinct is probably 18 months away from becoming a reality.

“So the timing is perfect. Our aim is to encourage international tourists who visit Phuket to dive, then make their way to the Gold Coast to experience our unique dive precinct. Similarly, our dive industry will promote Phuket for those departing Australia, seeking a memorable dive experience.”

Mayor Tate said a formal Sister Cities relationship would also allow the Gold Coast to share its knowledge in life saving, and beach cleaning, with Phuket.

“Beaches are their lifeblood for tourism, much the same as ours so beach cleanliness is coming to the fore as a real issue,” said Mayor Tate.

“I’m also keen to establish a lifeguard exchange, similar to what we have achieved with Japan.”

The formal signing took place at the Governor’s offices in Phuket.

Phuket is Thailand’s only island province with a population of 400,000.

Mayor Tate also met with Phuket Tourism to outline opportunities for “sharing tourism” between the two areas.

He was joined by Destination Gold Coast Tourism chair, Paul Donovan.

Gold Coast seeks partnership with Phuket to boost recreational dive industry photo