On demand kerbside collection to be trialled on GC

3 October 2019

A new on-demand kerbside clean-up service will be trialled on the Gold Coast early next year to deliver a more efficient and sustainable solution to bulk rubbish collection.

Mayor Tom Tate said they had listened to resident feedback that people didn’t like the eyesore created by the current system and so it was important to test the market to find a better way to deliver the service.

“Having an allocated week for collection doesn’t work for everyone and being able to get rid of your excess material when you need it to happen can be important,” he said.

“We want an efficient on-demand service for our residents that enables us to recover and recycle the goods collected.

“Importantly we want value for money for ratepayers and this won’t cost any more than the current service.

“We know there are systems out there that are better than what we have been offering, so let’s take a look.”

He said until we had seen what the market had to offer the finer details were not yet known.

It is expected that the trial will be operational early next year and in its first year will service the current Divisions 4, 6 and 8-14.

The tender will be open this month.











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