Debt paid down and rates stay low for 2018-19 City budget

21 June 2018

With the City’s Commonwealth Games commitment fully paid for and rate increases kept to CPI, the 2018-19 budget delivers on priorities outlined by the Gold Coast community.

Mayor Tom Tate said this is the seventh consecutive budget that has kept general rate increases low.

“This is the longest period in our history that rate increases have remained so low, setting a low rates trend as the way ahead for the city,’’ he said.

“This budget delivers the frontline services ratepayers expect, at a price they can afford – with a 1.73 per cent average residential rate increase (principal place of residence excluding State charges not controlled by Council).

“Our community consultation revealed that keeping our city safe was the highest rated priority, while roads and transport came a close second. Other priorities included infrastructure that supported productivity; job creation; management of rural and urban living; and for the city to continue to strive to become a world-class business destination.”  

Mayor Tate said he had listened to this feedback and ensured the budget reflected the will of the people.

“This is why we’re focusing on keeping rates low, protecting our lifestyle, building better roads, creating jobs and opening up our green spaces,” he said.

“We are also reigniting our efforts to not only keep our city safe, but to continue to deliver the best parks, libraries, community centres, cycle ways, city cleaning, waterways, beach protection and sporting fields.

“I am continuing to lead a Council that doesn’t want to leave our kids and grandkids with debt. In 2012, our forecast debt level was spiralling towards a billion dollars, but this year’s budget maintains our responsible economic management and continues paying down debt, now sitting at $634 million.

“I’d like to thank all Councillors, the CEO and administration for their hard work in helping to deliver this budget which will continue to put our city way ahead.’’

2018-2019 Budget highlights include:

  • $2.9 million for CCTV safety camera network;
  • $110 million road improvements including $14 million for Isle of Capri Bridge duplication;
  • $32.8 million for managing our beaches and waterways;
  • $3 million for Study Gold Coast;
  • $800,000 for digital and communication infrastructure;
  • $10.8 million for purchase of land for koala habitat; 
  • $13.6 million for natural environment conservation;
  • $36 million for sporting and aquatic centres.

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Debt paid down and rates stay low for 2018-19 City budget   photo