Cyclone Oma warning: Stay away from rock walls

20 February 2019
Local Disaster Management chair Tom Tate has urged all Gold Coasters to stay away from rock walls and the seaway as large swells start to hit our coastline.
“Our emergency services staff, including City officers and the State Government, are making early preparations for any impact Cyclone Oma may have on our coastline,’’ he said.
“The last thing we need to be doing is coordinating a rescue because someone has been washed off a rock wall or the seaway. The message is simple: stay away.
“Don’t put your life at risk, and the lives of the rescuers, just because you wanted to get a selfie of the waves off our coast. It isn’t worth it.’’
Mayor Tate said the latest information is that:
The path for Cyclone Oma is still unpredictable with at least 20 different tracks it may take over the next 24 to 48 hours;
The City’s Disaster Management Unit has been placed on ALERT (as of 10am today);
Staff numbers at the centre will be around 15 for the next 24 hours;
The best action for residents and businesses is to go to the City’s website
The site has tips for preparing for storm activity;
Hinze Dam is at 93 percent with no concerns for its storage capability;
Keep informed via the BOM website and all local media;
Do not undertake recreational boating this weekend;
Stay away from the rock walls and seaway;
Be aware of beach conditions if walking on the beach – including powerful waves which may run up the beach face;
Observe all directions of City lifeguards.
Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.