Crime the focus as Neighbourhood Watch ramps up

18 February 2016

Residents are a vital link in reporting and reducing crime – and Mayor Tom Tate will today call on Gold Coasters to join the Neighbourhood Watch movement.

The City has thrown its support behind Neighbourhood Watch to get the message out, providing promotional support and running workshops to train members.

The issue was on the agenda at the Safer Suburbs Forum today, a partnership between the City, Police, business and community organisations.

Cr Tate said the collaboration was all about creating a safer place for people to live, visit, work and play.

“Neighbourhood Watch has more than 50 active groups across the Gold Coast, mobilising community members to look out for each other,” said Mayor Tate.

“I think there’s a perception that Neighbourhood Watch is only for older people in our community but everyone should take an interest in community safety.”

Neighbourhood Watch District Coordinator, Peter Barrett said groups across the Gold Coast had worked closely with the City on several initiatives.

“In the last 12 months our members have helped identify hooning hotspots. This has seen the City’s mobile safety cameras installed and arrests made,” said Mr Barrett.

“We’re also involved in graffiti removal, organising the annual Neighbour Day event and public space safety audits.”

The City will continue to work with Neighbourhood Watch this year, providing social media, event planning and first aid workshops to members.

Representatives from Neighbourhood Watch groups across the city attended the first social media workshop this week.

Neighbourhood Watch groups will be promoted through the City’s online registry - My Community Directory.

The City will advocate to have Neighbourhood Watch involved in the community readiness program for the Commonwealth Games.

For information about community safety initiatives visit

To find out ways to get involved in Neighbourhood Watch, visit

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