Coast’s biggest coastal project underway

25 February 2019

Only days after the city’s beaches were threatened by a Pacific Ocean cyclone, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has launched an $18.2 million artificial reef project.

Mayor Tate said physical work on the Palm Beach Artificial Reef was due to start in April.

“All necessary planning for phase 2 of the project has been done and we are now ready to commence. The second phase will add significant protection to one of our most vulnerable stretches of coastline.’’ 

A letter drop has been issued to residents and businesses to advise of planned works (attached).

Mayor Tate said residents can view construction from as early as April, weather dependent.

“Residents will see construction vessels on the water working around the clock. There will be some lights reflecting from the work at night but not enough to disturb residents,’’ he said.

“Marine construction is always weather dependent so construction may be delayed or brought forward, depending on conditions.”

The artificial reef will be 270 metres offshore from Nineteenth Avenue. It will be 160 metres in length and 80 metres wide. At its highest point, the reef will be 1.5 metres below the surface at average water level, identified with permanent marker buoys for marine safety.

The reef will influence the surrounding waves and currents to promote a long term increase in sand along vulnerable sections of Palm Beach, and this will provide a protective buffer from erosion.

In some conditions, an offshore recreational surf break may be formed giving further amenity to the city’s growing surf community.

The $18.2 million construction contract was awarded in October 2018 to HC2, a joint venture between Hall Contracting Pty Ltd and Heron Construction Company.

The project will be completed by October 2019. Visit

View project fly-through here

 Coast’s biggest coastal project underway photo