City’s ‘recovery response’ for disasters tested

8 November 2018

The City is today testing its capacity to manage “disaster recovery’’ at a major forum and training exercise being held at Carrara.

Attended by emergency and community services representatives from across the city, the event is designed to improve all facets of disaster recovery.

Mayor Tom Tate said the recovery side of a disaster had become a significant focus of the City in recent years with events like ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie highlighting the need to mobilise and assist our community quickly and for extended periods.

“Once the initial response is over and the sun comes out, in some cases our work is just beginning. This is the often unseen “long game” we play after every event,” Mayor Tate said.

“As an example, we still have an officer assisting some of our isolated communities to build resilience following Cyclone Debbie in March last year. This shows that the impacts are often felt for some time after the actual event.”

Mayor Tate said today’s event was in two parts: a forum in the morning for all agencies involved; and an afternoon exercise to test planning and logistics.

“We are always preparing for these events and you should, too. What would you do if your street was blocked for days after an event? Are you prepared?” he said. 

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City’s ‘recovery response’ for disasters tested photo