City’s fibre optic future rolls out – literally

26 May 2017

The city’s capacity to deliver greater broadband speeds will be greatly enhanced with high speed fibre optic cabling being laid from today.

Mayor Tom Tate will meet the team installing 20 kilometres of high speed fibre optics at Broadbeach. The cable will follow the light rail route to Helensvale and will support the delivery of world-class broadband speeds for thousands of businesses and residences.

“This will also boost our city’s CCTV capacity and support our Disaster Management Unit operations at Southport,’’ he said.

High speed fibre optics such as this has a wide range of benefits including:

-upgrading the city's operational network (emergency response, parks maintenance, water and waste management, transport, libraries;

-support economic growth including the establishment and growth of industries including high-tech, medical and research;

-connect the cultural precinct to global networks for live link-ups of performances and events;

-support public/tourism Wi-Fi; and

-support global broadcasting of music, sporting and cultural events in the city.

“It will be installed in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games,’’ said Mayor Tate.

“Just goes to show that we are way ahead when it comes to planning for our future, post GC2018.’’

The installation will take six months at a cost of $3.5 million.

The funds have come from a combination of GC2018 infrastructure funds and savings generated by reduced operating costs for CCTV and other systems.

Initial design for stages one and two of the light rail network included a conduit underneath the light rail route, for easy installation.

“There will be no disruption to the G:Link at all,’’ he said.

The project is being delivered as part of the City’s Digital City Program, and will be finished by December 2017 and the fibre optic switched on around Christmas this year. The fibre optic cable is supplied by AFL and installed by Universal Communications Group. 

City’s fibre optic future rolls out – literally photo