City ‘rocks’ new music plan

2 November 2018

The City is set to reignite the live music scene with the Lifestyle & Community Committee recommending Council endorse the Music Action Plan 2021 at its next meeting (13 November).

Committee Chair Councillor Hermann Vorster said the plan would be a boon to the economy while helping home-grown acts to hone their craft and find commercial success.

“Live music is the lifeblood of a cosmopolitan economy and essential to any destination serious about showcasing its culture and identity,” said Cr Vorster.

“Our plan was developed in partnership with the industry so we know it will help address the underlying red tape and jurisdictional confusion acting as a handbrake on the cultural economy.

“Best of all, it invests in the future of Gold Coast artists so it will be aspiring locals who will have the first opportunity to upskill, perform and promote.”

A key initiative of the plan will see areas of the Southport Priority Development Area (PDA) identified as Special Entertainment Precincts (SEPs).

“The SEP provides approved live music venues the confidence to host gigs, and allows council to encourage a thriving live music scene in the CBD, whilst protecting residential amenity in suburban communities across the Gold Coast.” said Cr Vorster.

Councillor Vorster added a Music Advisory Group would be established to give industry a genuine and credible forum to champion its cause.

“We want to see promoters, educators, artists and venues singing from the same song sheet so we can best build our reputation as a music city.

“This will be a direct line to City officers and policy makers that will allow us to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and lift confidence across the sector,” said Cr Vorster.

Other initiatives in the plan include: industry and artist development and grants programs; activating industrial spaces for creative enterprise hubs; designating official Music Bills Zones; and attracting established music businesses to relocate to the Gold Coast.





City ‘rocks’ new music plan photo