City focussed on growing volunteer network post-Games

14 November 2019

A plan to encourage residents to become volunteers has today been endorsed by the Lifestyle and Community Committee in an effort to grow the city’s volunteer base.

The Volunteering Legacy Action Plan was formed as part of the GC2018 Volunteering Legacy Project, and aims to boost volunteer rates on the Gold Coast post-Games. 

Mayor Tom Tate said whilst the Gold Coast currently had a strong volunteer base, there is always a need for more helping hands. 

“We created a very proud Gold Coast during the Commonwealth Games, with over 4000 volunteers from the city. Now, we are focussed on building upon this network to ensure we continue to have a connected, engaged and inclusive city,” said Mayor Tate.

“The most recent Census data revealed there are over 67,000 volunteers on the Gold Coast, who contribute around $300 million annually to our community in volunteer hours.

“Our current volunteers do a wonderful job representing our city, however there is always room for more helping hands.

“The action plan seeks to increase volunteer participation rates of Gold Coast residents, ensure the long-term sustainability of local community organisations and enable volunteers to easily find opportunities that match their skills and interests.”

As part of the plan, the City will also be launching a Gold Coast Volunteering Network (GCVN) early next year.

The volunteering network will provide a forum to collaborate, discuss ideas, and share information to strengthen the volunteering network on the Gold Coast.

The Volunteering Legacy Action Plan has been developed in collaboration with key community partners.


Image: Mayor Tom Tate is joined by Junior Councillor Lachlan Gardner (active volunteer and past Games volunteer) and Peter Barrett (Neighbourhood Watch) in support of the Volunteer Legacy Action Plan.

City focussed on growing volunteer network post-Games  photo