City digs deep in seawall health check

26 August 2015

City of Gold Coast’s seawall investigation works are in full swing with five locations going under the microscope for condition checks.

Mayor Tom Tate toured one of two Surfers Paradise investigation sites today where the long term performance of almost 1.5 kilometres of seawall is being determined.

“Seawalls are a large piece of our coastline defences armoury, so it’s vital they are up to the job,” he said.

“We’ve prioritised seawall construction as part of our efforts to fast track 30 years’ worth of beach protection work under the City’s Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection.

“That’s why these works are a key action of our $11 million overall investment into beaches this year.”

Mayor Tate said what the seawall peel backs revealed would determine the next steps.

“Depending on the peel back findings, we may reconstruct some sections to bring them back to full strength,” he said.

“We’ve already saved $15 million in reconstruction costs by being able to certify almost four kilometres of seawall along the coast through these investigations.

“We have also completed public seawall peel back investigations at three separate locations at North Burleigh, between Kratzmann Avenue and First Avenue.”

The Surfers Paradise peel back works are located between Laycock and Trickett Streets and at Thornton Street.

The scope of works at both sites involves excavation of the buried seawall and will include restoration of the foreshore and dune areas as required.

The seawall peel backs are scheduled for completion by September 2015.

The City’s seawall upgrades are an important element of the Gold Coast Ocean Beaches Strategy 2013 - 2023.

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