Arts precinct the ‘HOTA-st’ ticket in town

1 May 2019

The Gold Coast’s arts and culture precinct HOTA continues to smash box office records, selling more tickets, reaching more people and having more visitors than before.

Mayor Tom Tate said the biannual report for the centre (six months to December 2018) showed its continued upward trajectory while cementing itself as our premier arts and culture precinct.

“The numbers speak for themselves – visitation to the centre was 37 per cent higher than the previous year with more than 350,000 visitors,” Mayor Tate said.

“More than 142,000 tickets were sold, more than 170 functions held and revenue hit $875,000 – a whopping 25 per cent above the target.

“Momentum is building and with the gallery next door now under construction, it has never been a more exciting time for the arts in our city.”

He said an invitation to be part of the Global Cultural Districts Network positioned HOTA among world-class peers and was further evidence of the city’s emergence in this space.

Mayor Tate said the precinct would be pivotal in helping to deliver the City’s Live Music Action Plan.

“Since opening its doors in March 2018, the Outdoor Stage has hosted more than 45,000 visitors in a wide variety of events – 23,000 of these in the last six months of last year. This is an outstanding result for such a young venue still establishing itself.

“Once the construction has finished at the gallery, the sky is the limit.”

He said the first two years of programming for the new gallery was close to being secured, promising a range of excellent and exclusive national and international exhibitions.

Fast facts for July-December 2018

Visitation to the centre: 353,137 (37 per cent increase)
Tickets sold for indoor events: 142,898 for indoor events
Outdoor events: 15 events on the outdoor stage, 23,000 people
Revenue: $875,869 (25 per cent above targets) 
Media reach:  246.4 million with 96.3 per cent positive sentiment
Employment - 607 local artists employed

Arts precinct the ‘HOTA-st’ ticket in town photo