Artist camp inspires inception of Indigenous retail brand

12 September 2017

Gold Coast Indigenous artists are set to deliver a new retail brand and product line featuring local art that’s authentic and economically viable for artists.  


City of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate met with six Indigenous artists working on Yeien (pronounced YAY-en) while touring the latest South Stradbroke Indigenous Artist Camp Exhibition at the Gold Coast Art Gallery today.


Mayor Tom Tate said Yeien is an authentic, local Indigenous retail brand and product development project.


“Yeien represents an opportunity for local Indigenous artists to lead the design and production of high quality tourist products for distribution through selected boutique marketplaces,” Mayor Tate said.


“Basically, these artists will oversee the whole initiative from inception and product design, right through to distribution and retail.


“We want to encourage locals and tourists alike to recognise and support ethically designed and sourced products to protect Indigenous culture and to support artists’ income streams.


“Yeien is right on track to have products in market by April of 2018,” he said.


The artists previously attended the South Stradbroke Indigenous Artist Camp, run annually since 2014, it was the successful incubator for this economic development project.


Behind the scenes, much work has been conducted on the preliminary designs for a retail merchandise range, a pricing model and a distinctly Gold Coast identifiable logo and branding.


Initially, the merchandise range will be a limited product line, designed to effectively test the market with the view to increased volume and variety of products in the future.


Photo: South Stradbroke Indigenous Artist Camp artists showcasing their work at the latest exhibition.

(L-R) Leesa Hickey (Designfront), Lisa Sorbie Martin (artist), Joe Geia (artist), Simon Koger (iAM Projects), Neville Torrisheba (artist), Glenn Barry (artist).

Artist camp inspires inception of Indigenous retail brand photo