Advice for boat owners

30 March 2017

The following advice is from the Waterways Authority for all boatowners.

Extreme weather has been predicted for the Gold Coast today, which could include severe sea conditions and localised flooding. Do not go out on the water.

If you own a boat and you haven't already done so, you must take steps immediately to prepare. If your boat is trailerable, take it from the water; if it's anchored in a waterway or moored to a buoy mooring, make sure it's fully secure or move it to shelter; and if it's in a marina or on a hardstand, make it secure and take advice from the marina or hardstand manager. You are responsible for the safety of your boat.

Be safe. Stay up-to-date with weather warnings and forecasts, and heed any directions from police, emergency services or a harbour master.

Birds eye shot of the gold coast beaches and skyline.