Rainfall affects recreational water quality

Region: all regions
Category: Beach closures and water quality issues
Start: 23 Feb 2.40pm
End: 26 Feb 4.08am

Swimming areas may have been affected by pollution from stormwater run-off due to the recent heavy rainfall across the City.

Residents and visitors are reminded that rainfall often collects pollutants from streets, gardens and farms, before it is flushed into our ocean and rivers via the storm water system. Stormwater run-off can increase pathogen levels in the water and make it unsafe for swimming. Popular swimming locations, such as swimming enclosures, rivers, lakes, creeks and beaches – particularly those near stormwater outlets – are sometimes affected.

As a precaution always avoid swimming:

  • one (1) day after heavy rainfall at open beaches
  • three (3) days after heavy rainfall at river and estuarine locations
  • in water that looks discoloured, murky, or smells unpleasant
  • near stormwater drains.

For more information visit http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/environment/recreational-water-quality-20260.html